Those Good Moments

Lately I’ve been experiencing some really good moments.  And even when things have been bad, I’ve chosen NOT to focus on it. Life is choice-driven. Takes practice and lots of prayers definitely.  BUT, I’m reminded that when things seem awful or difficult they won’t always stay that way.  Though it usually feels as if bad times last forever. I’ve been extremely blessed lately and it has nothing to do with money or things.  And maybe because of the fact that I’ve not had much money or many new things lately I’ve been able to focus on what I do have, which is a lot!

My relationships with my friends and family and general acquaintances have made my life richer.  Since losing my mom to lung cancer in 2012, I’ve really had time to step back and take stock in my life.  Things definitely haven’t gone my way all of the time, but those bumps in the road have been true blessings in disguise. I know folks say that all of the time, but it’s really true for me.  I’ve got an awesome support system, even if I don’t always use it…I still feel as if I’m ‘bothering’ folks. But knowing I can always call on anyone in my circle gives me so much comfort.  Just knowing that provides a ‘good moment’.

My steps are ordered and God continues to prepare me for great and awesome things.  Every day I’m in awe at what He’s doing in my life.  The more I do for God, the better I feel and the richer my life becomes.

Take a minute to think about your good moments.  What do they consist of? Loyal friends and family? Great job opportunity?  New house? New baby? Kids graduate from school?  The best part about this short exercise is taking time to recognize that you’ve got it good…even when it SEEMS bad.  But honestly, how bad is BAD? Many of us have it much better than others.  Be grateful today and bask in those good moments.

Enjoying a beautiful spring day with a NOLA Ice Snoball!

Enjoying a beautiful spring day with a NOLA Ice Snoball!

Who Are You Without a Title?

Take a moment to think about what you would do if you had to stop working tomorrow.  Never mind why. But what would you do without a job?   If you couldn’t use your title to describe what you ‘do’, how would you describe yourself?  I’d say to those of you who are bored with your current job situation, be encouraged.  You ARE NOT your job.  Some choose to work a particular job ‘to pay the bills’.  Others are working because, well, that’s what you are supposed to do right? You work to pay bills.  But I think we’ve got it all wrong.

I will say it again, you ARE NOT your job or your title.  So who are you without your title?  We are who we choose to be that day, not what we do to collect a paycheck.  Never had that been so apparent until I left my job to help take care of my mom in 2011.  Your daily job (the one that pays your bills) shouldn’t define you, nor should it limit you.  Why exactly do we work anyway? To pay bills?  What kind of life is that?  Shouldn’t your ‘job’ on this earth allow you to do more for your family and future generations and to improve the world in which we live?  In my opinion, God put us on this earth so that we might be a blessing to others.  Right?  Or, are we too busy working to realize that?  If we’re working jobs we hate and spend more time working than anything else, how can we even find time to bless others? If you dread getting up for work and absolutely hate your job, it’s time to take a long, hard look at why you do what you do.  Many folks spend 30 years working in a dead-end job that has nothing to do with their true talents.

After I stopped working,  I began to pay attention to conversations that start with, so where do you work or what do you do?  How many of you start a conversation with WHERE you work, WHO you work for or WHAT your job duties consist of?  But does that adequately describe you?  Are you ignoring your true talents when you only talk about where you work?  What about your ability to bake delicious wedding cakes or design a beautiful back yard garden or carve statues out of wood?  What about your knack for taking artistic photos?  Don’t those talents count?  Does your job or title adequately describe you? Or does it describe your degree? Just because you went to school for it, doesn’t mean that’s who you ARE as a person. You are MANY things, not just what you do at work.

 All I’m saying is this: rethink how you see yourself.  Imagine your life tomorrow without a job…if someone asked your what you ‘do’, what are you going to tell them?  Are you going to tell them what you did to collect a paycheck or will you describe the awesome talents that make you unique? I challenge you when you meet someone for the first time to not ask them what they do or where they work.  Just spend time talking to them and getting to know them as God created them.

 So who are YOU without a title?






#LCSM Chat Preview March 13 – Stress, Anxiety and Lung Cancer: How Do You Cope?


This week’s Lung Cancer Social Media chat will tackle a subject that I’m sure has affected many of you dealing with any kind of medical issue. The stress and anxiety that comes with a diagnosis can sometimes be hard to overcome. As someone who was a caregiver for my mom, I understand first-hand how stressful it can be…many nights I was up until 2 a.m., fretting about what we were going to do next. And then I was up again a 6 a.m. ready to give my mom a full day of attention. It definitely took its toll.
I hope you can join us Thursday, 3/13 8 pm ET. This topic and chat is open to ALL. And we’ll have guest therapist Dr. Niki Barr, Ph.D, helping us wade through the emotions and issues.

Originally posted on #LCSM :

Patients and caregivers experience considerable stress and anxiety as a result of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. How do you handle stress? Is it possible to prevent stress or is it ‘just a part of life’?  Some individuals handle stress and anxiety better than others. We want to explore this topic in more detail during this week’s #LCSM chat.

T1: What kinds of stress do lung cancer patients experience due to their cancer diagnosis or treatment?

 T2: What can healthcare providers do to help reduce stress for a lung cancer patient or caregiver?

 T3: What can patients and caregivers do to help reduce stress for themselves and each other?

Our guest for this chat will be Dr. Niki Barr, (@nikibarrphd), a Dallas, Texas, based psychotherapist who specializes in working with cancer patients and their families and teaches them how to “move through the continual challenges of cancer with emotional…

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Call to Action: Tell Medicare and Medicaid to Cover Lung Cancer Screening


We need your support! Take a few minutes to find out how you can help others receive the care they need. Sign the petition on and then follow the links in the post below to read more about covering lung cancer screening.

Originally posted on #LCSM :

Anyone can get lung cancer. Screening for lung cancer with low dose CT scans (LDCT) can save thousands of lives every year. Many private health insurers already provide coverage for this screening.

Tell the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) you want them to provide coverage too. On February 10, CMS opened a 30-day comment period to support their national coverage analysis on Lung Cancer Screening with LDCT. This comment period closes on March 12, 2014.

Please sign this petition to tell CMS to provide coverage for LDCT, and ask everyone you know to sign it too. The results of this petition will be submitted to CMS as a comment on March 11, 2014. You can help save thousands of lives!

People might also want to provide a comment directly to CMS — especially those who are Medicare or Medicaid-eligible and who were either diagnosed with…

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