Attitude Adjustment

On today, September 11 (a day that forever changed how we trust, how we live and how we think), I decided to use the writing below as my first post on my new blog.  I wrote this a few months ago, May 30, 2011.  As I figure out the blogging world, I will share more about who I am and what I’m all about…little by little. 

Gratitude is the best attitude.  With all of the recent tragedies involving Mother Nature, we’ve all been tested and we’ve all asked the question WHY.  What I always notice in the ‘after’ interviews with those who have survived the tornadoes and floods and wildfires…they all say, “at least we’re alive” or “we have each other”.  It’s in those moments we think about how grateful we are…grateful to be alive.  No one thinks about the computer or the car or the brand new dining room table you just bought.  Everyone is just GRATEFUL to be alive. No, you don’t know what’s going to happen next, but you are thankful that your husband/wife/child/grandchild is standing right next to you or at least survived.  You know if you have each other you can get through it together.  If your loved one had not survived, the computer or the new table wouldn’t have much meaning anyway.

I suppose God wants us to live the ‘everyday grateful’, EVERY day.  I try to do that, but I don’t always succeed. I see others who struggle and I see those who have ailments or other problems…problems that I don’t have (even though I have my own set of issues). However, nothing is ever as bad as I think. But when I see those who are dealing with something worse, I stop.   And if nothing else, I take a few seconds to close my eyes and thank God for where I am at that moment in my life.


Let us not forget that God does for us EVERYDAY, even if we don’t have what we THINK we need or want, HE gives us exactly what we need. Be GRATEFUL and forever FAITHFUL. 



One thought on “Attitude Adjustment

  1. How true are your words. We so get so caught up in that which we DON’T have that we forget about that which we DO have.

    If you make a list of DON’T haves and DO haves, which list do you think would be longer? Sometimes it takes a disaster to get us to realize this.

    As always, thanks for the post.


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