Books and My Attention Span

There was a time when I read books as often as I ate french fries (that would be all the time). However I would say that in the years since joining Facebook and finally Twitter, my attention span is shorter than a baby’s pinky toe. I mean, I LOVE books. So much so that I’m too old school to EVER think about buying an ELECTRONIC BOOK! THE HORROR! I admire my friends who can read a book or books on a flat boring looking device and yet they still seem to be enthralled by the subject of choice. But, I LOVE going into a book store, touching the spines of the books and skimming the bargin bins.

A portion of my 'library'

But in comes Twitter and the ten-word explanation of the day’s happenings. That’s all I need to quench my thirst for knowledge. Is that shallow of me? Am I wasteful because I continue to buy books that I haven’t finished reading or yet even STARTED reading?

Right now there are FOUR unfinished books in arm’s reach of my bed…the other six books are buried in a basket (under a few magazines, journal, a Birmingham News from two weeks ago and some more magazines. I’m a knowledge nut. There, I said it. But how can someone who has ALWAYS loved books be unable to FINISH a book? What’s wrong with me? I’m trying to find someone or something to blame because this just isn’t like me. How did I go from reading several books in a few weeks to barely reading half a book in three months?? Lack of time? Busy work days? Short attention span?? Hmmmm…

The book The Help is staring at me…it’s begging me to pick it up. I want to read it BEFORE I go see the movie. That great, historically-rich The Warmth of Other Suns is torturing me. I long to touch it and pick it up and soak up the history of the great migration. I would love to sink my teeth into Harlem but why even start? All I’m gonna do is read three pages, put it back down, pick up my iPhone and check Twitter for the latest review about a the next great book. Where did my attention span go and how do I get it back? So, um, hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you think.

A few of my interests


7 thoughts on “Books and My Attention Span

  1. I’m so glad to have found your blog! I agree that social media in encroaching on my reading time as well. But while I don’t see moving to the occasional twitter check, I am working hard at designating some reading time every day and I leave my phone in the other room! Thankfully I’m too lazy to get up, even for a tweet!


  2. Hi! I am a newbie in blogosphere too! Is that the bestseller ” The Help” by Kathryn Stockett?? I suggest you start reading it now . it is heart-breaking yet witty and thought-provoking. Reading it is as easy as eating your fries!I can relate to the attention span disorder too and have several books in-waiting on top of my table. But the one book I just finished Tina Fey’s ” Bossypants “, I recently posted on my blog. Goodluck!


    • Do you know I STILL haven’t read THE HELP!? And I’ve had that book FOR MONTHS! Lol! Saw the movie but wish I had read the book FIRST! Arrggh! Will check out your blog!


  3. I feel your pain. I limited myself to checking Twitter in the morning, before I get out of bed (which means, I have to cut it short so I can go to work), and when I first get home. I have four-five books going…but I finish them. One of my best friends reads MORE now that he has a Kindle, because he keeps it in his briefcase or otherwise with him and can read in spare moments. I tend to read on planes, or in the half hour before I fall asleep.


    • You know, I’m at the point where I’m checking Twitter all day. I may need to do like you and adopt certain times during the day. Twitter has truly made me lazy. Part of the problem is I hate missing out in the news of the day. I’m a current events junkie & Twitter gives me that fix. But I’m ready to go back to my first love, reading books. Books will NEVER betray me!


  4. Welcome to wordpress! Hope you’ll stay for a while.

    You are definitely not shallow for being into twitter and facebook. Hell, if you were, the whole western world would have to be considered shallow. Wait…maybe we are.


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