A Quick Rant

Seriously?  To: Facebook Management – these new changes are a social networking nightmare.  Do I REALLY want to know THIS much about my friends? If want to know what they are doing every second of the day, I will ask. I might actually use that old-school method called TALKING ON THE PHONE!  You know, when you pick up a device, dial a number and speak.

I love my friends, but dag, do I need to know EVERY thing ya’ll do? I’m afraid to take my phone in the bathroom for fear ya’ll might hear the toilet flush.  Or maybe there’s a secret camera recording my every move, but I just don’t know ya’ll are watching me.  Like the creepy moving eyes on that portrait…it follows you every where you go. 

Facebook, Netflix, and the art of blowing the lead | Molly Rants – CNET News.


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