I’m daydreaming…again! – Bequia, a Caribbean Getaway From the Getaways – NYTimes.com

Bequia, a Caribbean Getaway From the Getaways – NYTimes.com.

This story about Bequia has me daydreaming and thinking crazy thoughts.  Has anyone every thought about selling all of their worldly possessions and giving it all up for the simple life?  Or, for what we we perceive to be the simple life?  I wonder if I could actually do that.  A few years ago I went to a wedding in St. Thomas, V.I.  One evening a group of us took a water tour around the area on this quaint little ‘tour boat’ owned by  a nice, but scraggly, Shaggy-from-Scooby-Doo look-alike and his very talkative and knowledgeable girlfriend, we’ll call her Velma. Turns out Shaggy was from Tennessee and had been living in St. Thomas for three years.  Can’t quite remember why he moved down there, but I what I remember most is that he was calm and stress-free and even though he skin was tough as leather, his smiling face said that life was good. He said that he didn’t have much, but it didn’t bother him. He has enough money to run his small business, which turns out is one of only a few tour boats in the area and it keeps him busy from sun up to sundown.  He met Velma when she was on vacation with friends, they hit it off and he convinced her to stay.  Wow.

Courtesy: NY Times

I’m not sure that:  1) I would have the guts to meet a man and immediately give up my life like that and 2) I would do that in a place so far away from what I know and am familiar with.  I’m way too structured and analytical to just drop everything and move to the Caribbean to sell fresh flowers at the market.   Of course, I can’t imagine that job in the Caribbean would come attached with much stress.   I’m just not sure I can live without a daily ‘game plan’ or ‘to do list’.

So reading this article made me stop and think…what is the cause of the stress in our lives and would moving to a tropical paradise really make life easier or better?   Does living on a beach with clear, blue waters and a calming, tropical breeze reduce stress and make all of our worries go away?  If that’s the answer to all our problems, why haven’t we given it all up for sand between our toes and fresh grilled lobster on the beach? Is the grass really greener in paradise (or in this case is the water ‘bluer’)?  What would be your idea of a stress-free life? And, if you aren’t living stress-free, what’s stopping you?

By the way, I’m adding Bequia to my VERY long list of ‘must visit’ places!


One thought on “I’m daydreaming…again! – Bequia, a Caribbean Getaway From the Getaways – NYTimes.com

  1. The natives of the Caribbean have the right idea. They really don’t stress. As long as they have enough for today, they don’t get really stress about the things that we in the US stress about.

    A friend of mine told me a story about Nevis. He hired a group of men to work on his property. Day one they worked really hard and he paid them. On day two they didn’t show up. He found them partying on the beach. When he asked why they didn’t show up, they replied – – We made enough money yesterday. — That’s the right way to think.

    As far as what stresses me – – I decided not to do stress any more. LOL


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