Embracing the Blogging World…One Fearless, Inspirational Story at a Time.

I’ve only been blogging since September 2011, but in that short period of time, I’ve been on a cross-country trip from Canada to California, I’ve learned how to make Tangerine-Pistachio Sticky Buns (haven’t made them, but at least I have the recipe!) and Brandy Spiked Chocolate Eggnog Cake —woooo lawd! (haven’t made that either, but my mouth is watering at the thought).   I’ve watch the sun set in Denmark (beee-u-tiful) and I’ve learned that there is some awesome architecture in Seattle, especially the city’s main library.

What a view - Birmingham, Alabama

What a view – Birmingham, Alabama

 I’ve shed tears over the death of strangers I’ve never met, whose lives were cut short by cancer.  I’ve read about folks who are anxious about job interviews because they’ve been out of the job market for 20 years.  And what about those budding entrepreneurs who start a business with nothing but an idea and an internet connection?  All of their stories are inspiring on so many levels.

I’ve experienced all of this through the words of folks I’ve never met.  Most of them I’m pretty sure I would hang out with or at least meet for margaritas or dessert as most of the blogs I end up reading are written by those who love good books, Mexican food, chocolate and good tequila. Most of my friends love good, soul-tickling, rib-sticking food and those are the folks I tend to gravitate towards out here in the blogging world.   Who out here in ‘blog land’ doesn’t love reading great books and looking for a bargain deal on cute sofa in IKEA or a colorful abstract throw or comforter?

Many of us deal with the same issues and admit the same fears. I’m afraid of seeing my mom’s health decline because of this stupid, stupid cancer and I fear what will happen when it happens.  And almost all of us are trying to figure out how to deal with clutter, live a healthy life, find time to exercise and set attainable goals.  The Living4Bliss blog (Saundra Johnson) gives us pearls of positive, uplifting wisdom that provides practical advice for handling life’s sometimes unpredictable challenges.  Through her I’m learning that all we really need has been in ‘us’ all along.

Just a snapshot of what I like to read

Just a snapshot of what I like to read

More than anything I’ve learned that at the very core of who we are lies the essence of what makes us the same.  We may not all have the same religious beliefs or speak the same native language. But what we have in common, (the need to learn and grow, be prosperous and excel and the desire to love and share happiness) is what makes us the same.  That’s why we are out here baring our soul and sharing our fears with strangers.  How else would you explain it?

This time last year I would have never shared these feelings with strangers. But my mom’s illness and the overwhelming desire to express my feelings and reach out to others going through the same thing trumps fear.

I love the Harlem Renaissance

I love the Harlem Renaissance

And I refuse to let fear win. 

Bloggers are fearless.  Bloggers and the lives they live are real, honest and raw.  And I’m proud to be a part of this community. I have finally learned how to embrace this world.

If you’re a blogger, why did you start a blog and what have you learned? Would you do it all over again?  If you knew then what you know now, what would you do differently?


9 thoughts on “Embracing the Blogging World…One Fearless, Inspirational Story at a Time.

  1. Love this! I started blogging when I went vegan. I was amazed at the transformation I went through and felt that I needed to share what I had learned with others. Here’s my “why vegan” post: http://vedgedout.com/about/
    I adore the blogging community, it is an amazing place that I never really knew existed pre-blogging life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Hi Ronilynn. I read this post a while back and it was inspiring. I had just started my blog Onelifethislife and you were one of my first commenters. Your comments were kind and inspiring which helped me to continue on my journey. So to answer your questions… What have you learned? Would you do it all over again? If you knew then what you know now, what would you do differently?

    During my journey, I have learned to be greatful for the small things in life that most take for granted. I have also learned about the nature of fear and how I allowed it to have too much power over my life. Blogging has allowed me to experience my life through my camera lens which just opened my eyes to see everything around me differently. I would most certainly do it all over again exactly the way it happened. This was God’s way of healing me and giving a wake-up call. I started Onelifethislife after becoming ill. The doctors have yet to diagnose me with anything and out of frusration and sadness, I began a cleansing process… blogging to share my thoughts. What I have experienced and learned about the human condition through reading blogs like yours are lessons that will carry with me for the rest of my life. So, I thank you Ronilynn for your kind words, perserverance and sharing your thoughts. This post still inspires me!


    • Awwww Thanks!! I’ve been absent the past few weeks…not sure why. I always feel like i have to be inspired to write or that what I have to say may not make much sense or even be relevant. I have to learnt to just post, no matter what. So glad I could offer some words of encouragement…that’s so cool! Thanks so much for sharing! And now I need to catch up on your posts!


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  4. Bloggers are fearless. I love that statement. I’ve been blogging since 2008 and have shared my ups and downs and probably more than I ever should have. I recently stopped blogging on the “old one” to start fresh, because I felt like that person, the one who started the other one, was not me anymore. The fact that it’s okay to start fresh is perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned.
    I’ll be praying for your mom….and for you.


  5. Thanks so much for your kind words Ronni Lynn. I’m positive that we would hang out in person.

    I have been where you are with my grandparents – one with stroke and one with colorectal cancer and it can be a lonely journey for the caregiver. I wish I had discovered blogging back then. It would have been great therapy.

    I pray for your strength every day.


  6. This was so wonderful to read. I’ve been blogging for almost 2 months now and loving it more and more each day. I’ve finally found a hobby that I enjoy. The fantastic thing is…from my blog I’m finding more and more about myself each day. I also agree with what you said about bloggers being Fearless. This word means to much to me that I recently got it as a tattoo on my arm so it can be there for the rest of my life.
    Thank you for your post, I will be sure to follow.


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