The Comfort of Coffee

I know, coffee has caffeine.  But for me, coffee has always been a ‘soothing’ beverage.  I don’t ‘need’ it coursing in my veins to get me going in the morning. What I do need is the smell of coffee brewing. SMELLS SO GOOD!  I think that’s all that there is to it for me. The smell.  See, growing up, my mom and her mom always had coffee in the house, COMMUNITY COFFEE to be exact. That’s the brand we folks from Louisiana grew up on.  

Before these fancy brewers, it was just a jar of instant coffee granules and hot water boiling in a “tea” pot.

The smell reminds me of childhood.

Of brisk fall mornings getting ready for school and knowing mom was making grits for breakfast. And knowing that I was gonna have toast and COFFEE.  Yep, I drank coffee as a kid. Probably explains a lot about me now! But it also reminds me of hot and sticky summers spent at my “Mo-mo’s” house deep in strawberry country in south Louisiana.  She lived at the back corner of a country road, as in not paved. Dirt and rocks.  In front of her house was, of course, a strawberry patch.  I don’t think I realized how good we had it.  Life was slow and easy.  No cable (three local channels, well, a couple more if count the stations we would get out of New Orleans) and definitely no internet or cell phones.  It was comforting.

So when I brew coffee in my cute red and black brewing machine, it’s not really what’s IN the cup. It’s the memories that come with SMELLING what’s in the cup. Sometimes I don’t even finish a full cup. I don’t need to because all I needed to do is smell it to flashback to my great memories of childhood.

I probably had a cup of Community right before this photo was snapped way back in 1976!


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