Research Funding Is Vital

I have many thoughts about how our leaders prioritize funding initiatives in our federal budget.  And much of what I think might seem like ‘common sense’ when it comes to maintaining funding for items that affect health care, while others may think health care spending takes a back seat to defense spending. At the risk of taking any kind of political stand, I’ll just say that I’m always about taking care of the people and their IMMEDIATE needs first.  Day-to-day living.  The link below is to an article written by a couple of months ago by an Atlanta oncologist who asks our law makers not to cut back on the cancer fight.

How do we convince the law makers that maintaing funding for cancer research is critical and necessary for medical advancement and the opportunity to live longer lives?

Research funding vital | Atlanta Forward.

This Q &A is with the former head of the National Institute of Health (NIH) and he explains where the funding dollars go…


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