What happens to the family AFTER??

After diagnosis. After treatment. After remission. After recurrence. After death.

See, the cancer patient is already going through it and it’s hard, hard, hard.  And as family members, we are doing all we can to make sure they don’t go through more than they have to.  In the meantime, what are we, the family members, doing? Worrying, waiting, hoping.  Always.  It’s a tough (and sometimes helpless and painful) spot to be in…a family member of a cancer patient.  Not sure what to say, how to feel, how to be.  But always wanting to help in some kind of way.

 If you are or were a caregiver to a family member with cancer, how are you coping? Any significant changes in your life?  

Finding peace in nature

Finding peace in nature

My one big change? Choosing to switch careers.  It’s like starting all over again. But  I know that I don’t want to see anyone else go through what my mom went through.  So I made a change.  And that’s why drives me.  Change isn’t so bad. It’s scary and things are uncertain, but it has made me more determined than I’ve ever been. Faith gets me through. This is my life AFTER. 


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