You MUST check out Consano: A targeted and direct way to give money to medical research projects.

Awesome Research Project for Lung Cancer AND other important medical research projects.

If you haven’t heard of Consano, take a moment to check out their site at the link above. Molly Lindquist saw need and she didn’t sit back and say, “Eh, let someone else do something about it.”  She made it happen and didn’t wait for someone else.

 Consano (means ‘to heal’ in Latin) “brings crowd-funding to the world of medical research”.

The premise is quite simple.  Visitors to the site can choose to donate money (of any amount) to a medical research project of their choice and know that ALL OF IT, 100% of it, will go DIRECTLY to that project.  There’s a 2.2% processing fee that goes to PayPal, but Consano DOES not receive any of those funds. Ok, seriously. How cool is that?!  This non-profit allows you, the ‘giver’, to give money to medical research. It goes DIRECTLY to the project!! I know, crazy awesome right?!  IT GOES DIRECTLY TO THE PROJECT!! So nice I said it TWICE!

And, via links on the site, you get to read about your chosen project and in some cases hear about it directly from those who are conducting the research.  You will know where your money will go before you decide to give it.  You will also receive updates about the project and you learn about the progress the researchers are making.

Take some time to browse the site and check all of the eye-opening medical research projects being funding right now. Not only is the site informative and educational, but also easy to navigate with pleasing-to-the-eye graphics and design.  And you don’t need a medical degree to understand it! How ’bout that?!

Kudos to Molly for coming up with this idea after dealing with her own personal and family battles with cancer.  As a cancer survivor she wanted to give back, to give money for cancer research, but how would she determine who would receive her money?  She had very specific interests and needed to give money in targeted, direct ways instead of broad, general donations.  Instead of giving up, she gave in…to the calling that she could do something more.  Consano was born out of necessity.  She saw a need and met it.  Doesn’t get any better than that!

 So what are YOU doing to change the landscape of medical care? 







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