Tweet for #LCAM2013 (Lung Cancer Awareness Month)

I hope all of you learn just one fact this month in recognition of LUNG CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. Lung cancer advocacy is near and dear to my heart and I’ve been blessed to have been involved with other awesome advocates as we work to increase awareness for this nasty disease. I’m reblogging this from #LCSM Chat, a blog that I’ve been heavily involved in putting together, along with my other advocate friends Janet, Deana, Dr. West and Dr. Cooke. Check out the rest of the blog for more info.


The October 24th #LCSM Chat on “Social Media and Lung Cancer Advocacy: What Can I Do?” identified lots of information that the public needs to know about lung cancer.  Chat members decided we’d like to tweet those facts during Lung Cancer Awareness Month (#LCAM2013) this November. Some suggested we all tweet the same fact each day to generate the greatest impact on Twitter.

To coordinate this effort, the #LCSM team compiled a list of lung cancer tweets based on verified facts – one tweet for each day in November. Links to the sources for the facts are listed below the tweets for those who want evidence.

@LCSMChat will tweet each day at 11:55 AM Eastern Time if you prefer to retweet rather than come here to find the tweets.

The tweets fall into four groups, roughly by weeks:

Week 1:  WHY — reasons why curing lung cancer matters
Week 2:  WHO…

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