#LCSM Chat Topic for 21-Nov-2013: “Resources for Learning about Lung Cancer”

If you’re a lung cancer advocate, I hope you’ll join our #LCSM chat on Twitter, Nov. 21.


The next #LCSM Chat on Twitter will occur Thursday, November 21, at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific), and be moderated by @louisianagirl91 (Laronica Conway, a lung cancer advocate) and @JFreemanDaily (Janet Freeman-Daily, a lung cancer patient).  Our focus for this chat will be “Resources for Learning about Lung Cancer.”

Whether you are patient, caregiver, family member, or friend, hearing those three little words “It’s lung cancer” often starts a mad rush to learn about this dreaded disease.  The doctor probably explained test results and told you what to expect, but the information came so fast (often while you were still in shock) and with so many new terms that you missed much of what was said.

The search for information about lung cancer symptoms, terminology, diagnostic process, treatment and supports takes us to doctor-provided pamphlets, books, patient navigators, support groups, and websites.  Some are helpful, some not so much…

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