#LCSM Chat Preview March 13 – Stress, Anxiety and Lung Cancer: How Do You Cope?

This week’s Lung Cancer Social Media chat will tackle a subject that I’m sure has affected many of you dealing with any kind of medical issue. The stress and anxiety that comes with a diagnosis can sometimes be hard to overcome. As someone who was a caregiver for my mom, I understand first-hand how stressful it can be…many nights I was up until 2 a.m., fretting about what we were going to do next. And then I was up again a 6 a.m. ready to give my mom a full day of attention. It definitely took its toll.
I hope you can join us Thursday, 3/13 8 pm ET. This topic and chat is open to ALL. And we’ll have guest therapist Dr. Niki Barr, Ph.D, helping us wade through the emotions and issues.


Patients and caregivers experience considerable stress and anxiety as a result of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. How do you handle stress? Is it possible to prevent stress or is it ‘just a part of life’?  Some individuals handle stress and anxiety better than others. We want to explore this topic in more detail during this week’s #LCSM chat.

T1: What kinds of stress do lung cancer patients experience due to their cancer diagnosis or treatment?

 T2: What can healthcare providers do to help reduce stress for a lung cancer patient or caregiver?

 T3: What can patients and caregivers do to help reduce stress for themselves and each other?

Our guest for this chat will be Dr. Niki Barr, (@nikibarrphd), a Dallas, Texas, based psychotherapist who specializes in working with cancer patients and their families and teaches them how to “move through the continual challenges of cancer with emotional…

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