Meet Tori — Mother of Three With Stage IV Lung Cancer.

Meet Tori Tomalia. Wife and mother of three cute little ones. In 2013 she was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Yes, she has lung cancer and no, she didn’t smoke, but does that really matter? Many tend to ignore those with lung cancer because there is a stigma attached to it…many think smokers who get lung cancer don’t deserve compassion or love or assistance. NO ONE deserves lung cancer, doesn’t matter how you got it. And guess what? ANYONE can get lung cancer. ANYONE. So what do you tell those who don’t smoke? Stop breathing? Let’s stop the stigma and the blame. Instead we need more education, more awareness and more research dollars to help find a cure.

Because of advances in research (which requires money) and the development of new drugs (which requires money), Tori is currently showing “no evidence of disease” (NED). Read more about Tori here:


Tori Tomalia and her family – This is what Stage IV lung cancer looks like


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