True or False: No One Seems To Care About Cancer Until It Happens To Them

Ok, look I get it. Cancer is depressing. And no one really wants to talk about cancer (whether it’s lung cancer or pediatric cancer or colon cancer).  Everyone likes happy pictures and happy events and fun and laughter; not real life situations. Yeah, sure, folks will ‘like’ pictures of kids getting their wishes fulfilled and they’ll ask the obligatory ‘how are you feeling’ questions if you were just diagnosed. But honestly, all of that is on the surface. Most people think that if it’s not happening to them or their families, eh, no big deal. I know I’m probably over-simplifying this and I KNOW that there are some people who are really sympathetic. But how many of you are really taking the time to learn about lung cancer (or any other cancer) and understand the symptoms? You do know that you don’t have to be a smoker to get lung cancer right?? 

Be Aware of the Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Be Aware of the Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Listen, all I want you all to do is remember that if you need information or if you want to understand more about lung cancer, I’m here. All I’m doing is sharing the information that I wish I had known when mom was first diagnosed. Wooooooo, Lord knows I could have used some advice from others who had also gone through the diagnosis of lung cancer. I’m telling you that you will view life totally different AFTER you see it from the eyes of a cancer patient. It changes you. So I’m asking you now, take five minutes to learn just one fact about lung cancer. I’m not asking you to give money right now (even though that helps). Just simply read and share an article about a cancer patient or retweet some information about new advances in cancer research. It doesn’t cost you anything.



You never know who you might help in the process. And we’re all here to help someone else right?  Take some time to show that you care. 

*Special thanks to the Dusty Joy Foundation for these awesome graphics. 


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