#LCSM chat 8/13 8pm ET: How can we fight the rising cost of cancer care?

We already know the price of cancer drugs (or any drugs for that matter) is high. Like, thousands of dollars a month. One of my mom’s drugs costs $1500 for a 30 day supply. That was just one of them and that was in 2010. So what can we DO about these costs? Join our #LCSM chat Thursday at 7 pm CT. We’ll dig deep into this issue and throw out some ideas on what we can do differently to change these escalating costs.



A July 23 article in Newsweek titled “The High Cost of Cancer Care: Your Money or Your Life?” emphasizes a topic of increasing concern: the escalating costs of new cancer drugs, and the toll this takes on patients and families.

A presentation at ASCO 2015 titled “Perspectives in Value” graphically showed the escalating price of cancer drugs in recent years, and how those prices soar off the charts for some new immunotherapies.


The presentation also showed how prices of targeted therapy drugs don’t seem to go down as more patients use them. In fact, the price of Gleevec continued to rise even when a competing drug entered the market.


Cancer drugs are supposedly developed and marketed in a free-market economy, which assumes willing sellers negotiate with willing buyers to set a fair price. Healthcare systems in other countries do negotiate drug prices, and are able to offer…

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