Am I Lazy If I Don’t Finish Reading A Book?

I read this article in The Atlantic today, “Finish That Book” and at first, I felt bad.  The author says that no matter how REALLY bad a book is, how slow it might read or how awful the characters are, you should always, always finish a book that you start.  I felt like she was talking to me because I am SO guilty of ditching a bad book before I get to the end.  But after thinking about, I realized that she had to be joking.  I mean, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I tossed a book to the side because it just didn’t catch my interest or I didn’t care enough about the characters or I got mad that it went in a totally different direction than I expected.  And I thought the point of reading a book was enjoyment and pleasure?  I know that there are some books that are read for educational purposes or to understand the beauty in telling a good story. But at my age I just can’t waste time on a bad book.  I just can’t.  And I am a major book lover even though I don’t ready as often as I used to when I was younger. I have ALWAYS enjoyed reading. Why ruin that enjoyment with a bad book?

What about you?  Do you ALWAYS read a book to the VERY end, no matter how painful it is to finish?  Or do you toss it to the side and hope that the next book will be a better book? 


Reading Out Loud

I’ve been keeping a ‘journal’ since I was 13 years old. What started out as a project in my 8th grade English class turned into a lifelong obsession with putting my words and thoughts on paper. I have a gazillion five-subject notebooks, some tattered and worn and some barely used. Over the years I haven’t always taken time to write as much as I used to and sometimes now I just type a blurb or a quick paragraph just to get something off my chest. Periodically, I will share with you thoughts from my journal. Good, bad and ugly. But always real. Take a peek below at what was going on in September 2011.


Outside my window……

September 2011

I am home, home as in my hometown and right now at this very moment I am listening to my mom read her daily Bible lesson out loud. That’s not out of the ordinary; except for this fact…my mom is in her 3rd year of fighting lung cancer. As a matter of fact, three years ago today (or maybe yesterday) was the day we discovered she had cancerous cells growing in her body. My mom began reading out loud after she had her second stroke on Father’s Day, 2011, barely three months ago. When her first stroke happened, she had made some coffee, taken a shower and then she tried to speak. Nothing came out but GARBLED up words. During her second stroke, the phone rang, she picked it up to answer and when she tried to say hello — more garbly stuff that sounded nothing like words. I wasn’t in the room with her when it happened; it just so happened that mom and I picked up the phone at the same time and I heard her trying to speak. As soon as I heard the first chewed up word, I ran into the other room because I knew exactly what was happening.

What we learned from both of those strokes was that even though she was walking, moving, doing and being ‘normal’, if she wasn’t ‘talking’ we didn’t know if she was experiencing a mini-stroke. Anyway, now she reads OUT LOUD so she can hear herself and others can also.

One day she didn’t have her Bible lesson directly in front of her so I made her read the cover of Fortune magazine. OUT LOUD. I’ve learned to use what you have; I suppose we can apply that to many areas in our lives. So the next time you hear someone reading OUT LOUD, just remember that person probably has to do that just to stay alive.