Clean Slate – Sometimes Starting Over Isn’t So Bad

SO WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS…my iPhone locked up today. There was nothing I could do. So, if you sent me a text, replied to my last text to you or called me after 10 am, I didn’t see it and I will never see it. Ever again. I wasn’t ignoring you. So if someone professed their undying love for me I’ll never know. LOL! But, feel free to send that one again! I have lost ALL texts messages from the last year and a half. :-(Β  And you know sometimes you have phone numbers and addresses in those texts messages. Oops.

Anywhoo, I only have a few unchecked voicemails from April. My last back up was in March so any pictures I took after that back-up…gone. I sure hope I downloaded the ones I took in Nashville! I know I didn’t download the ones of me and De Renee and friends from the last week or so…so I guess we need to take some more. Bryant Carter, um, can you send me some of the pics you took last week, please sir? IMG_0002

Anyway, if in the last few months you sent me pics of your lovely kids and family via text message, I no longer have them. I feel empty. And if I sent you some pics that I took, can you send them back to me, just in case? But all is not lost. Good thing is that I do still have most of my contacts and they are slowing coming back. But if you happen to send me a text message and you get a reply from me that says “who’s this?”…don’t get offended. I still love you, even if I don’t know who you are. LOL!

I ended up going to the Apple Store (after lots of lengthy phone calls with Apple support) and they got me back on track free of charge. We didn’t want to do a factory reset, but it was necessary and it was better than having to get a new phone. They think because my storage was full (always) and some apps were trying to update and one or two of the apps were probably corrupt, my phone just said “I give up”…and shut down. For good. They don’t recommend backing up my phone from my last back up, because there could be something that would shut my phone down again. So I needed a clean slate.

But here’s what’s funny…kinda. Just this morning I said “God, help me remove anything from my life that is unnecessary because right now I feel overwhelmed.” I guess God said “Ok, got it!” LOL! Because right now, I truly don’t know what else is missing from my phone…so I guess I didn’t need it?? Hmmm…

Anyway, I know this was long…but moral of this story: Don’t ever think that God doesn’t answer prayers. You just need to be specific! LOL!

UPDATE: Thanks Derita for sending the above photo of us from one of your many “going away” events! Yay!


Books and My Attention Span

There was a time when I read books as often as I ate french fries (that would be all the time). However I would say that in the years since joining Facebook and finally Twitter, my attention span is shorter than a baby’s pinky toe. I mean, I LOVE books. So much so that I’m too old school to EVER think about buying an ELECTRONIC BOOK! THE HORROR! I admire my friends who can read a book or books on a flat boring looking device and yet they still seem to be enthralled by the subject of choice. But, I LOVE going into a book store, touching the spines of the books and skimming the bargin bins.

A portion of my 'library'

But in comes Twitter and the ten-word explanation of the day’s happenings. That’s all I need to quench my thirst for knowledge. Is that shallow of me? Am I wasteful because I continue to buy books that I haven’t finished reading or yet even STARTED reading?

Right now there are FOUR unfinished books in arm’s reach of my bed…the other six books are buried in a basket (under a few magazines, journal, a Birmingham News from two weeks ago and some more magazines. I’m a knowledge nut. There, I said it. But how can someone who has ALWAYS loved books be unable to FINISH a book? What’s wrong with me? I’m trying to find someone or something to blame because this just isn’t like me. How did I go from reading several books in a few weeks to barely reading half a book in three months?? Lack of time? Busy work days? Short attention span?? Hmmmm…

The book The Help is staring at me…it’s begging me to pick it up. I want to read it BEFORE I go see the movie. That great, historically-rich The Warmth of Other Suns is torturing me. I long to touch it and pick it up and soak up the history of the great migration. I would love to sink my teeth into Harlem but why even start? All I’m gonna do is read three pages, put it back down, pick up my iPhone and check Twitter for the latest review about a the next great book. Where did my attention span go and how do I get it back? So, um, hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you think.

A few of my interests